Is your chosen wedding venue calling out for drapes?

So you’ve chosen your wedding venue and have drawn list upon list of the things you have dreamed of having to transform the venue into your vision. However there is something still bothering you, it then dawns on you its the colour of the venues walls more so the wall paper. No matter what colour flowers you choose to try and not clash with the venues decor…. it really is not happening!!

Venues wall coverings be it the colour of paint, choice of wallpaper to the weird and not so wonderfull “what were they thinking” peices of art work… really really can ruin what is probably a very top notch venue. This is where a proffesional venue draping servce such as can really make your wedding dreams turn into reality. Rentevent can transform your wedding venue by draping the walls or certain areas that you ideally want to mask with their lovely soft wall drapes. Rentevent can also use their sheer drapes to drape the ceilings in various designs. By chosing a venue draping company such as to dress your wedding, you can relax knowing that the drapes and more so your wedding will look beautiful.

Full venue draping at bowood with Wave style ceiling draping

Gatsby themed corporate event set up at bowood house hotel

Wedding draping at broad Hinton village hall

Lovely wedding set up at the barn at Berkeley. Ivory ceiling drapes with warm white fairy lights

Romantic soft white ceiling drapes at bowood hotel spa and golf resort

Partial ceiling draping for a wedding at the very lovely oxleaze barn