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Rentevent is a professional event draping company. We provide quality event drapes and drapery installations for any evnts

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate parties
  • Christmas

  • Anniversaries
  • Award ceremonies
  • Birthday parties
  • Proms……and just about any special event !


wall drapes

we are able to install our freestanding fire retardant wall drapes in any size venue and in most colours.


ceiling drapes

we are able to install our freestanding fire retardant ceiling drapes in any size venue and in most colours. 

We use specially designed pipe and drape support systems for our venue draping 

We take special care not to damage existing walls at venues when installing our venue draping by using a modular pipe and drape support system . This creates the desired effect of a wall, yet remains independent.

Our drapes come in all sizes for ceiling and wall drapes. Based on the overall theme of the event planned, our team will ensure that you will receive just the right colour, size and fabric, as ordered.

No damage – easy to mount – easy to remove and yet stunning in visual appeal.

All our wall drapes and ceiling drapes are fully fire retardant and made by ourselves here at Rentevent.

A beautiful event deserves a beautiful location, and venue draping can create a truly magical wonderland for your event. Suitable for weddings, proms, business events and almost any other special occasion, venue draping will bring your dreams to life, helping you to create unforgettable memories for you and your guests!

At Rentevent, our dedicated service will help produce the perfect design for your occasion. Our drapes are available in all sizes, colours, and multiple fabrics including chiffon and velvet, guaranteeing that you get the visual spectacle that you envisioned. Also, our specially designed pipe and drape support systems ensure that the venue walls are safe from damage, meaning you can hire from Rentevent with confidence.

Venue draping can transform simple walls into your dream location. Whether it’s a Christmas party, a corporate event or an anticipated party, our venue draping service will make sure you get the drapes you are dreaming of, perfectly suited to your event while also looking after the venue. Draping can really bring a sense of wonder to your occasion, so speak to our dedicated team today and order your very own draping service from Rentevent!

Wall and ceiling draping for weddings and events Swindon and beyond.